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  1. Just renewed my AMA License and need to see if my thumbs still work. I plan to join the Nampa club as soon as I can scrape up the $200. In the meantime I was hoping that someone might be at the field tomorrow, Wednesday, 8-11-21, and would allow me to fly my Funtana Electric. I am a good and safe flyer and shouldn’t have a problem but it would be very helpful and reassuring to have someone close by in case I have an unexpected flight problem.

    My phone number is 530-889-1720 – would love to hear from someone. Thanks

    • Ed,
      Pretty much any day of the week at the field when the weather is decent and cool, you’ll find a helpful pilot willing to stand with you. I am IP as well as many others that typically show up mostly on weekdays early…that is, before noon, to fly. Don’t be afraid to ask for someone to stand with ya. ENJOY and welcome to the club.
      In regards to joining the club, we can allow for a non-member w AMA credentials to fly as long as a member is with you for a limited time. Use this web page to view “activity” at the field via the web camera and get the current WX conditions.

      • Mike,

        Thanks so much for your kind and helpful response. I hope to see you (meet you) at the field sometime in the not-too-distant future.

        Kind regards,