Learn To Fly

Free Introductory Flights

No prior experience with RC flying is required. Just the desire to learn and have fun!
One of the best ways to get someone interested in model aviation is to give them the opportunity to fly a model airplane. Nampa Modela Aviators has an introductory flight program that allows a beginner to fly a model airplane with a instructor.

Visitors and Spectators are always welcome at NMA. There is usually someone at the field during the day starting around 9am when the weather is nice. If the gate is open and you see someone flying come introduce yourself! Our members have years of combined experience in all aspects of model aviation. From building, airplanes, jets, helicopters, soaring, electrics, glow/gas, you name it. They are willing to help you be successful in becoming proficient at flying a RC aircraft.

Newcomers Guide | Tips for Newcomers



Introductory Pilot Instructors

AMA Instructor
We have many club instructors who are willing to meet with you and teach you how to fly a model airplane. We have club instructors with glow, gas, electric, EDF, glider and helicopter experience. No matter what you want to learn to fly we can help you get started.

Just ask any club member and we will get you aquatinted with an instructor

How to Become a Club Instructor

Voluntary instructors are always needed and welcome. Here is a description of the Introductory Pilot Program which has information about being a instructor.

If you would like to become a club instructor, contact one of the club officers.