A Word About Buddy Boxes

From time to time the conversation around flying prospective new members on a buddy box comes up. Visitors and beginners are always welcome at Nampa Model Aviators. Our clubis willing to get people into the air as quickly as possible so they can experience the fun of flying a model aircraft. So the question is:

Is the non-member covered under the AMA liability insurance when is he/she is flying on a buddy box of a regular club member?


We asked the AMA about this matter and this is their response.

The only time a non-AMA member has any liability coverage is when they are flying under the Introductory Pilot Program.

For non-AMA members wishing to experience a “hands-on” model flight we recommend allowing this on a one-time basis per person. The AMA member on the master transmitter would not be required to be a designated Introductory Pilot instructor. That being said, only the AMA member (on the master transmitter) would be insured during this flight and would have to file a claim in case of an accident. The liability coverage is not transferable to the non-AMA member on the buddy box.

Nampa Model Aviators follows the AMA’s Introductory Pilot program and we have several designated instructors that are available to provide instruction and fly newcomers with a buddy box. Contact any of the club officers for more information or how to become a designated instructor.

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