Which Chinese factories make various brushless motor brands?

Here is an interesting article one of our members found about brushless motor manufacturers and who makes what motor. http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/brushed-brushless-motors-speed-controls-gear-drives-123/11426913-chinese-factories-make-various-brushless-motor-brands.html PDF Doc available here: HERE IS ALIST OF KNOWN CURRENT MANUFACTURERS OF BRUSHLESS MOTORS   … Continue reading

New Weather Station

Our new weather station up at the field is now active. It reports realtime weather to the following sites. Wunderground Weatherbug NOAA CWOP Soon we will have the weather reporting up to our club website as well. You can bookmark … Continue reading

Cold Weather Enclosure

The new cold weather enclosure is up and ready to go at the field. This will make the cold flying days of winter much more enjoyable. We are looking forward to using them for the Polar Bear Fun Fly on … Continue reading